On the 26th January 2019, IbnSina Mindcrafters ran its curriculum for first time outside of the United States. The course was run at the Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford and in partnership with the Rose Hill Regeneration Project. A total of 10 children aged between 8 and 13 years attended the classes for 16 weeks for 2 hours a week. The children spent the first 8 weeks learning the fundamentals of programming and building using the LEGO® Mindstorm kit. The last 8 weeks were spent preparing for the Robo-Olympics. The children were grouped into 3 teams and had to design and programme their robot to undertake challenges as part of the Robo-Olympics.

On the 18th May 2019 the children compete against each other in front of their friends, families and members of the local community. The Robo-Olympics comprises of 3 Type A events: 800M, Slalom, Shotput and 3 Type B events: Writing, Hide & Seek and SteepleChase. Each team had to do a minimum of 2 types A events and 1 Type B. All the teams attempted the 800M and the Shotput. The Moaning Dogs and FEAR attempted all 3 of the type A events, each team attempted a different Type B event.  The teams all competed very well and the final scores were:

Team 800M Slalom Shotput Type B Total Score
Time Score Time Score Distance Score Event Time Score  
FEAR 55 250 66 249 209 219 Writing 122 314 1032
The Moaning Dogs 95 225 39 280 210 220 Hide & Seek 50 775
DEA 47 268 198 208 SteepleChase 50 526


Lady Jay, the High Sheriff of Oxford presented children with their completion certificates and also the winners medal to the team that achieved the highest score in the Robo-Olympics, team FEAR. IbnSina Mindcrafters places a strong emphasis on promoting and rewarding good behaviour during the course and the competition. Children are taught to compete in the spirit of friendly competition, to be respectful and helpful to other children and the instructors. Councillor Gill Saunders, Chair of Oxfordshire County Council and Chair of trustees for Rose Hill Junior Youth Club presented the behaviour award to Eric from the team FEAR. The Rose Hill Regeneration Project created and posted a video of the course on their YouTube channel.